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Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation


Breakwood provides a complete range of formats and sorbents to meet all of your sample preparations needs. Our sample preparation products meet your requirements  and desired level of throughput and sensitivity.

We look forward to meeting your sample preparation challenges with our comprehensive product portfolio.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us.

  • Columns – in standard, flangeless and rimless columns from 1mL up to 60mL
  • Well Plates – in square and round shapes, 1mL and 2mL and 25mg to 200mg bed weights
  • LRC & MC – large reservoir and micro columns as well
  • Components – all components, columns, frits etc., can be purchased separately
  • Vacuum manifolds – in 12, 16 and 24 position configurations
  • Bulk Sorbents – every sorbent is available in bulk upon request


The introduction of the QUEChERS method in 2003 can be considered a turning point in the development and application of sample pretreatment procedures, specially, but not limited to, in the pesticide analysis field. The high recovery values achieved, excellent sample cleanup combined with the other inherent advantages (speed, low cost, simplicity, etc.), are the cause of its high popularity and wide application in many laboratories worldwide.